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Can-Am Exotics Mid-Engine Sports Cars Constructed on a SCT-49 Integrated Chassis System

The SCT-49
Mid Engine, Two Place Component Car Platform

As an off-shoot variation of our initial SCT-50 chassis design, the SCT-49 was developed in to our mid engine "KIT-CAR" Platform.  The SCT-49 tooling is versatile and adaptable to many configurations.  This platform provides the foundation for custom assemblers to base their component car projects on instead of wasting all the effort creating a custom project using some lackluster OEM car like a Fiero or other donor car.

The SCT-49 accepts many of our underbody and side body aero treatments available in our Sport Prototype product lines. This gives clients a "Belt-Line-Up" custom body opportunity to adapt a myriad of body options from many sources.

The SCT-49 is designed to be a street drive component car but with the safety that exceeds almost all other Component Cars and Kit Cars on the market today.

The SCT-49 is the foundation for all the new Can-Am Exotics Kits including the new retro looking mid Engine, Two Place Component Car Platform a wider, longer meaner look featuring styling cues from late 60s Can-am cars.

SCT also offers contract design, prototyping, and production of cars and components for Component Car Companies such as Can-Am Exotics.  In a cooperative effort SCT produces the foundation SCT-49 Integrated Chassis System as the basis for Can-Am Exotics mid engine component sports cars and kits.  SCT also produces all the composite body components for Can-Am Exotics Sports Cars with kits and components available through


A new Can-Am Exotics version Theme Car shown taking shape.  This car has been increased in size for improved safety, improved packaging, superior ergonomics and more versatility, and better performance for Track-Day enthusiasts desiring a "Theme-Car" Look.

The SCT-49 Platform is perfect to base your mid engine sports car projects on.    We also produce the SCT-49 Chassis in quantity for component car builders desiring to generate their own custom creations. Please contact us for details.


Although SCT is getting into the mode of generating a product catalog of standard products determined by repeat demand, each customer car project is unique.

SCT does not produce race cars in a production cookie cutter format.  The listed cars are constructed from the tooling we have accumulated through our ongoing Prototype Racecar development work over the course of several decades.  Many different creations can be produced from this tooling and this provides us the resources to create many different cars from the same tooling assets.  "WE PRODUCE SPECIAL UNIQUE PROTOTYPE RACE CARS"

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